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Priority date refers to the earliest filing date in a family of patent applications. Where only a single patent application is involved, the priority date would obviously be the filing date of the sole application. Known as the priority application, the earliest patent filing may comprise a provisional patent application, a non-provisional patent application or a foreign application. The term may also refer to the earliest filing date of a particular feature of an invention. The priority date is how we determine whether another patent filing or publicly available document qualifies as prior art against your patent application. Basically, each feature has a priority date of when it was first filed. Since the USPTO operates under a first-to-file rule, maintaining the earliest possible priority date is preferable. If a priority date can be maintained, then by implication it can also be lost particularly when a patent family is involved.

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I n my opinion, this database is simply the best of all the free patent databases. Combine the smart natural language searching of Google with powerful control in limiting the results. The tri-fold results screen is situated with limiting facets on the left, the search results list in the middle, and specific patent information on the right.

Enter the patent number without commas and when using the USPTO website the patent number must be seven numbers in length add preceding zero’s if necessary.

Republic of Ireland SPC database – search by number, date, product and drugs​, often including key patent numbers and expiry dates.

The Eames Patent Labels! Grids of seemingly endless and meaningless numbers adorning the works of Charles and Ray Eames, via adhesive rectangular stickers issued by Herman Miller from through to circa ? Or perhaps not!! Patent Labels may have at the time once been no more than Herman Miller’s physical expression of the technical feats of their products, but today they can be utilized to age the piece they adorn very accurately indeed.

Once peeled and scratched and scrubbed from the underside of the chairs they lived on, collectors are now openly hoping that any Eames Chair they come across still retains this unbelievably helpful piece of history. As of now, we are aware of 8 labels taking us from and their first usage to and the end of the Fiberglass chairs. It may also be possible that some continued into the ‘s with use on the Eames Lounge Chair. You will find all 8 and the years of use on our labels and stamps page and here we will explain how you can understand them and their ageing.

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The country that excels in producing my top three food groups: bread, cheese and wine. That wonderful trio along with an easygoing atmosphere make France one of my favorite destinations. And that easygoing nature also lends itself with the layout of patent information at their patent office. If you are looking to search for a direct filing French matter, this link takes you to the patent search screen.

in establishing the earliest possible date of manufacture for any given radio set (displaying patent numbers). This is my UK / GB equivalent of the list presented.

A Japanese figural ceramic teapot has a thick, clear glaze which is uniformly and heavily crazed suggesting that it is old, but just how old? The seller says the Japanese toy dates to the s but how can you be sure? With increased interest in pre-World War II Japanese ceramics and toys, it is becoming increasingly important to establish accurate dates for Japanese made products.

This article introduces the Japanese patent system which helps establish approximate production dates for original Japanese collectibles and can help you avoid recently made reproductions. The Japanese patent numbering system began in and has four categories; patent, utility, design and trademark. For antique research purposes, the patent category applies to invented objects and devices. A utility patent is granted for an improvement to an object or device that has already been patented.

The design category focuses on the aesthetics of visual appearance of the thing including shape, color and color pattern. Trademarks apply to distinct letters, characters, symbols and logos that can be identified with a particular object or company.

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Collectors frequently want to find out about the history of the pieces they collect. One rich source of information is found in the United State Patent Office which registers invention patents, design patents, trademark registrations, and label registrations. If your collectible has a patent number then information about its history is recorded.

United States Patent Dates and Numbers · 1 – · – · , · 1,, · 1,, · 1,​2,

Google Patents is a good place to begin a patent search. There are many patent databases mentioned in this guide, but using Google Patents is an easy search tool for beginners and may lead you to other patent office databases and websites as you dive further into your search. When you decide to do a patent search, you should begin by thinking about the key words that you want to use.

What I might call a screw, the patent examiner might call a fastener. What I might call a helicopter, the patent office refers to as a type of rotorcraft. Keywords are not precise but they are a good place to start looking. Using your keywords in Google Patents or a patent database, try to skim through your results. Are you finding patents that are relevant and related to what you’re looking for? If you see any that are closely related, make a note of the patent number in case you want to go back to it.

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The term of a patent is the maximum time during which it can be maintained in force. It is usually expressed in a number of years either starting from the filing date of the patent application or from the date of grant of the patent. In most patent laws , annuities or maintenance fees have to be regularly paid in order to keep the patent in force.

Check the patent laws for a particular country to obtain filing dates for specific patents for more precise dating. Also check to see if any extensions were granted​.

This guide provides you with an introduction to patents and patenting procedures. It will help you understand what patents are and get started with your patent application. This electronic version of the guide is the official version. If there are inconsistencies between this guide and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed. Read our terms and conditions. Although this guide is not a complete text on patent laws or a substitute for professional advice from a registered patent agent, we have designed it as an introduction to patents and patenting procedures.

Technologically sophisticated nations like Canada depend on the patent system for scientific advancement and economic strength. By giving inventors monopolies on their creations for a specific time period, patents protect investments and allow inventors to profit financially from their creativity. This gives an attractive incentive for research and development, which ultimately benefits all Canadians.

US9733811B2 – Matching process system and method – Google Patents

Sample search based on Steve Jobs patent found her e. Thomson Reuters Designs in orbit. Questel Dialog – An online information service with more than one billion unique records including in-depth repositories of scientific and technical data, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property data. Elaborate statistics and insert your legal opinion directly online with the help of the wizard.

Unumbio is associated with IP firms covering over jurisdictions.

++. Although, the length of utility and plant patent protection (patent term) was previously seventeen years from the date of patent grant, utility and.

This application is a continuation-in-part of Ser. This application claims benefit under 35 U. Provisional Application Ser. This invention relates generally to computer matching systems and more particularly to a matching process system and method. Networking architectures have grown increasingly complex in communications environments. In recent years, a series of protoc ols and configurations have been developed in order to accommodate a diverse group of end users having various networking needs.

Many of these architectures have gained significant notoriety because they can offer the benefits of automation, convenience, management, and enhanced consumer selections. Certain network protocols may be used in order to allow an end user to conduct an on-line search of candidates to fill a given vacancy. These protocols may relate to job searches, person finding services, real estate searches, or on-line dating. While some believe that on-line dating is simply a matter of matching supply and demand, there is statistical and empirical evidence to suggest that successful on-line dating entails far more.

However, effectively linking two participants together can prove to be a challenging endeavor.

Understanding Patent Labels

Prior to that date, an estimated 9, patents had been issued. Some patent numbers, as displayed in the table, are 7 characters with the numeric portion padded with leading zeroes. Some numbers within a series may be unused. Therefore, the number of patents granted during a year cannot be determined by simply subtracting the number of the first patent issued in one year from the number of the first patent issued in the next year.

Pottery – Ceramic Trade Marks – Registered Marks & Numbers Registration to understanding the basics of the registration diamond marks and dates on the During the period the British Patent Office issued a diamond mark.

Parts found in many American clocks may be marked with one or more United States patent numbers. This chart will show you the earliest possible date an item marked with a patent date could have been made. Such a patent date does not always mean a patent was actually issued for the design. Inventors often marked items in this way even though they had not received, or even applied for, a patent.

This was an attempt to discourage others from copying their design even though they had not applied for or had been awarded a patent. Parts found in many British clocks may be marked with one or more British patent numbers or registered design numbers. However, the British patent numbering system and the manner in which patent registration was displayed on the item is much more complex than the American system. Because there was never a set rule for how to cite a British patent on an item, many variations can be found.

On older items, often only the name of the inventor or the company was used. Some items show application numbers even though the patent was never granted.

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