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If you live in Mozambique or Eswatini and want to apply for a short-stay visa for the Netherlands, find out about the rules and how to apply. You can also apply for a short-stay Schengen visa at the Netherlands embassy in Maputo if your main destination is Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg or Slovenia. If the EU travel ban has been lifted for the residents of your country, you can apply for all visa categories. If the EU travel ban has not been lifted for the residents of your country, you can only apply for a visa if you fall under the exemption categories. Please check if you can make an appointment via the appointment system. Are there no dates available?

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The fortified city of Mozambique is located on this island, a former Portuguese trading-post on the route to India. Its remarkable architectural unity is due to the consistent use, since the 16th century, of the same building techniques, building materials stone or macuti and decorative principles. Op het eiland Mozambique ligt de versterkte stad Mozambique, een voormalige Portugese handelspost op de route naar India.

Het grondgebied van Mozambique werd bewoond door een Bantu stam en rond het jaar door de Arabieren bezet. Vasco da Gama heeft het eiland veroverd terwijl hij op zoek was naar een route over zee naar India. De haven van Mozambique was een van de belangrijkste havens en handelsposten van Portugal op de zeeroute naar India. The Island of Mozambique is a calcareous coral reef situated 4 km from the mainland coast in the entrance to the Mossuril Bay of the Indian Ocean in Nampula Province of the Republic of Mozambique.

A bridge built in the s joins the island to the mainland. The island forms an archipelago with two small uninhabited islands, the Islands of Goa and Sena to the east. The island communities are intimately associated with the history of navigation in the Indian Ocean as the island played a unique role in intercontinental trading links from the 10th century. Its international historic importance relates to the development and establishment of Portuguese maritime routes between Western Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

The Island of Mozambique has two different types of dwellings and urban systems. The stone and lime town of Swahili, Arab and European influences in the north half, and the macuti town city of roofed palm leaves of traditional African architecture in the south. The stone and lime town, with its administrative and commercial properties, was the first seat of the Portuguese colonial government that lasted from to

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Exercise increased caution in Mozambique due to health issues , crime , and terrorism. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Mozambique has lifted stay at home orders, and resumed some transportation options and business operations. More than 1. Read the country information page. There have been frequent attacks by armed extremists, threats of violence, and other forms of assault in the districts of Ancuabe, Ibo, Macomia, Meluco, Metuge, Mocimboa da Praia, Mueda, Muidumbe, Nangade, Palma, and Quissanga in the northern Cabo Delgado Province that borders Tanzania.

These groups have used machetes and firearms to conduct lethal attacks and have burned vehicles and homes. While the attacks have been localized, it is possible that such violence could spill over into other districts. Brazen terrorist attacks in multiple districts of Cabo Delgado Province present the possibility that the provincial capital of Pemba could also be vulnerable to attack due to the proximity of violent extremist forces, their increasing sophistication, and the symbolic value of the provincial capital as a target.

There have been violent attacks against vehicles, especially trucks and buses, along sections of these highways resulting in serious injuries and deaths. You are about to leave travel. Department of State. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement by the U. Department of State of the views or products contained therein.

Island of Mozambique

A total of 7. A cholera outbreak has been reported in Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces, with over 1, cases and 17 deaths recorded to date. The humanitarian situation in Cabo Delgado has significantly deteriorated over the last six months due to insecurity and violence. About , people are internally displaced. Three months later, as of 26 June, the country had confirmed cases and 5 deaths. The outbreak has now reached all the 11 provinces of the country, with Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Maputo being the hardest-hit.

DATE. October LOCATION. Maputo, Mozambique During the two-​day conference in Maputo, participants exchanged information about the.

If you are going to spend a short time in Maputo, Mozambique, then here are some places to visit that will only take a few hours. Welcome to Maputo! Its age is shown by the date on the entrance. Maputo Municipal Market first opened in and has been selling fresh and traditional produce ever since. From peanuts to cashews, from shellfish to fruit and vegetables — it is especially renowned for chilli peppers.

The nuts are the cheapest and easiest to take with you on your return trip. Here you will also find for sale local handicrafts and beauty products, such as hair extensions. This is considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. There has been a station here since ; however, the current building was built in The exterior has original details, such as the vintage glass doors, the station clock and the bell. It is almost as if it is frozen in time. There are also two old locomotives on display next to the station entrance.

In this one place, you can find handicrafts from several regions of Mozambique, flowers and spaces selling traditional food. The Maputo Craft, Flower and Food Fair is the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs, with some stalls offering special prices for tourists.


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The former Portuguese colony is home to a wealth of stunning architecture and public buildings.

Much of the population, wealth and, significantly, government institutions are located in the south of the country, near Maputo. Both before Independence and after.

The civil war that afflicted Mozambique from to left the national educational system in a state of ruin. Thanks to the mobilisation of the Mozambican government and its partners, the education sector recovered at the beginning of the s. In terms of the last two priorities, private education does not compensate the shortfalls in public education.

Quality is very uneven and there is no policy subsidising access to education for disadvantaged people. AFD is financing the construction of a school of excellence, the Aga Khan Academy, in the outskirts of the capital city Maputo. The Academy provides high-level primary and secondary education with the goal of training future highly qualified and socially responsible professionals to help Mozambique fulfil its social and economic development ambitions.

The Academy will actively enroll highly gifted and talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds who will be exempt from paying school fees.

Catembe Bridge Open Date – Maputo Forum

The objective of the conference was to bring together European and African Renewable Energy businesses, developers and policy makers. The conference focused on the contribution of renewable energy technologies for the electrification of Mozambique, in line with its National Electrification Strategy under preparation to achieve universal access by During the two-day conference in Maputo, participants exchanged information about the investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, including the on- and off-grid markets.

Mozambique has a constitution dating from at the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, and REFORMAR, in carrying out research and reform.

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